The Knights of Columbus at Queenship of Mary Church in Plainsboro, NJ demonstrate Charity, Unity, Fraternity and Patriotism in all we do for the parish and the community.

Habitat Build Day November 11, 2017

The Knights and parishioners of Queenship of Mary came out for the second time to help build a home in Hightstown, NJ for Habitat for Humanity Millstone Basin Affiliate. This is in celebration of Queenship of Mary Church 35th Anniversary.


Make Church Matter!

Deacon Hugo led the build day with a prayer.

Getting our building instructions for the day

Brand new 3rd degree Knight Andrew Sugan carrying a C bracket, or was it an H bracket?

Lots of moving things in preparation for stopping work on the build for the winter. Here, Barbara O’Connell is moving wood around to get it under cover for the winter.

Brenda Fernandes moving and sorting wood.

Alexa and Albert Montoya are pulling nails out of a piece of wood so it may be used in the build.

Grand Knight Fran O’Connell pulling two pieces of wood apart.

We had two youth (16-17) work on the project. Matthew Casey worked with his father Joe on the “inside” of the house. Matthew was using a power nailer to connect some studs.

The major task for the day was to install the fire break between the two homes in the duplex. Here is a series of photos showing Andrew, Vincent Colonna and Kevin Corcoran installing one panel.

A view of the lower level getting fire barries installed. Gene Janosko was on the ladder on the other side using a putty knife to fit the panels into the H-bracket

Alex and Alexa bringing the fire proof panels to the build team

Alex and Alexa

Gene on the ladder receiving the panels

Father and (Youth) son duo of Brett and Antionio BuSha worked “inside” to build closets and rooms.

The Caseys and Jim Bryde during a timeout.

Joe and Matt building a closet.

Kevin Corcoran hammers a panel in.

More hammering

Kevin planes down a piece

Izzy brought over pizza for the team! Thank you Izzy and Julie Ruiz

Lunch Break. Team picture during lunch!

Thank you Pat Casey for leading the lunch team again. Here is Joyce Ombayo, Izzy Ruiz, Fran and Pat.

Izzy and Jun Marquez

Peter Pfister, Bob Krupskas and Joyce working “inside”

The next step was to raise the wall to cover the fire proof board.

Meanwhile, “outside” Brenda received instructions from Mike Tartaro about the cleanup he wanted from the team. We were asked to clean out some old fencing and sort and save good wood under the tarps in prep for winter.

Alexa, Albert, Fran, Joyce, Barbara, Brenda, Bob K and various helpers assisted to clean out some old fence and cut it up for easy removal.

Brenda and Barbara worked to cover the good wood.

Barbara moving wood.

Cutting up old fencing

Cutting up the old fencing

It’s always great to work with Bob Krupskas.

Bob and Vinny jamming

Fun Hammer Fight. Don’t worry, we had a first aid kit handy.

It was a draw.

Brenda and Barbara breaking for tea.

Barbara with the Caseys

All for this build. Let’s do it again in the Spring of 2018. See queenship-knights.org for more info.