The Knights of Columbus at Queenship of Mary Church in Plainsboro, NJ demonstrate Charity, Unity, Fraternity and Patriotism in all we do for the parish and the community.

Most recent Grand Knight reports and/or Minutes.

GK Report January 8, 2019 GK_Rpt_Jan8_2019

GK Report December 11, 2018 GK_rpt-A_Dec11_2018.pdf

GK Report November 13, 2018 GK_Rpt_Nov13_2018

GK Report October 9, 2018 GK_rpt_Oct9_2018

GK Report September 11, 2018 Sept11_2018_GK

GK Report August 14, 2018 GK_Rpt_August14_2018

No report for July as we had our Installation ceremony.  July notes are in the August report.

GK Report June 12, 2018 GK_Rpt_June12_2018

GK Report May 8, 2018 May8_2018_GK_A ; May8_2018_GK_B May8_2018_GK_C

GK Report April 10, 2018 GK_Rpt_April10_2018

GK Report March 2018 GK_Rpt_March13-2018

GK Report February 2018 GK_Rpt_Feb13_2018

GK Report January 2018 GK_Rpt_Jan09_2018

GK Report December 2017 GK_Rpt_Dec12_2017

GK Report November 2017 GK_Rpt_Nov14_2017

GK Report October 2017 GK_Rpt_Oct10_2017

GK Report September 2017 GK_Rpt_Sept12_2017

GK Report June 2017 GK_Rpt_June13_2017

GK Report May 2017 GK_Rpt_May09_2017

GK Report April 2017 GK_Rpt_April25_2017